Welcome to the flavour frontier

At Happs we grow thirty grape varieties and produce many, many wine styles. All these wines are available to taste every day. Come and try the wines while exploring our art and pottery gallery. Enjoy the views from our extensive lawn and gardens. Have a picnic, get married, attend an outdoor film evening or perhaps a musical event.

The iSeries

Native fruit flavour with little or no oak influence in an identifiably Australian format. The artwork on the large format label changes with the vintage. People love it.

Fuchsia and the Sweets

Most people come to wine via sweet wines that provide the gob smacking appeal of fermenting grape juice. Some, the lucky ones, can continue to enjoy both sweet and dry styles. Fuchsia is one of eleven sweet wines.

The PF (Preservative Free) range

These wines take advantage of  pristine, hand harvested fruit, chilled prior to vinification in order to avoid aids that come under the headline ‘sulphites’. PF wines are natural wines  produced with a level of care and attention to detail that is beyond the attention span of most, even very well equipped, commercial wineries. We have been making PF Wines since 1994. This is a growing category. The technology informs all our winemaking.

The dry table wines under the Happ’s label

Mostly wines drawn from our Three Hills Estate (est. 1994) but also our Dunsborough Estate (est. 1978). Wines with softness, flavour, richness and a thoroughly palatable aftertaste.

Three Hills

These are single vineyard wines from our Three Hills Estate. This a truly distinguished site by virtue of cool ripening conditions late in the season. The vines are hand pruned, dry grown and hand harvested. The entire vineyard is protected with bird netting between January and harvest date. The aim is to set the highest standard in an environment where ones efforts are well rewarded.

Three Hills wines represent the state of our art that begins in the vineyard and carries through till the wine is presented. The wines are long lived and the range of grape varieties full of interest. These wines point to new possibilities, new directions and the value of attending to all those factors that relate to the quality of the raw material. First and foremost is the fruit. To see the difference one needs to be in the vineyard tasting. Grapes might come in trucks  but there is actually a bit more to it.

Fruit from the Three Hills vineyard is the backbone of all our wines. The best fruit from the best blocks in the best years is presented under the Three Hills label.

Happ’s Wines are produced and sold under Producer’s Licence, 6180037036.

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