Charles Andreas’ is a blend of five Bordeaux grape varieties. The name celebrates the brothers Charles and Andreas Happ who came to Australia from the German Rheningau in 1850 and 1851. For the details see: ‘Our Story/Our History’.

Three Hills Wines

Eva Marie,  Chardonnay,  Shiraz,  Charles Andreas,  Merlot,  Petit Verdot,  Nebbiolo,  Grenache Shiraz Mataro,  Cabernet Franc,  Malbec,  Sangiovese,  Grenache

The winemaker’s art requires understanding born of rigorous training backed up by experience. It is performed sensitively by those with an understanding of the limits of their craft and Mark Warren is such a man.

Three Hills wines exhibit character that is native to the Three Hills Estate. There is rich fruit flavour, freshness, softness, elegance, style and panache. There are also flavours and aromas unique to the countryside surrounding the vineyard. A whiff of eucalypt, spice, the tobacco like aroma of cut hay, the earthy tones of leaf mould and the forest floor.

Quality is ultimately not a product of the choice of oak or some assemblage of parts. It is not generated via winemaking artifice. Truly, its origin is in the grape. But, the Three Hills vineyard is at the cool margin for reds so far as Margaret River is concerned. Here appropriate viticultural techniques are de rigueur if the grapes are to ripen with appropriate flavours. In brief, the vines are dry grown, we allow fewer but well dispersed shoots and bunches and the canopy is extensive promoting an efficient trap for sunlight and speedy drying after rain. This is a purpose driven viticultural regime. For the full explanation  of this regime and why it is necessary see ‘Our story’, and even better, visit the vineyard on Glenarty Road Karridale.

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