Sam and Bo who preceded Jedda and now Truffle, our flat coated retrievers.

The Winery Animals

Our lives are made richer by our beautiful animals. We know that so many visitors ask after them and enjoy interacting. We would like to thank all those people who made Jedda’a life so enjoyable … playing with her and patting her. Yes, she passed on last June at age thirteen and a half. Her ‘loving character’ is captured in the last ‘Winery Dogs Book’.

We now have another ‘flat coat retriever’ … ‘Truffle’ or ‘Truf’ for short. She is the rare ‘chocolate colour’ …. hence a friend suggested the name. At three and a half months she graduated from ‘Puppy School’ and was so adorable.


Truf loves other dogs … it doesn’t matter how big: she even plays with Sue Hood’s dog …. the really, really, big docile dog that sleeps under the pottery display table and comes to life when Truf is around.

Gardening with Truf around can be ‘challenging’ … but she knows my gruff voice now and generally stops with a particular bark that says …. “But I want to!” She’s the only dog we’ve had that loves vegies and fruit. Now I prepare for an extra ‘person’ when cooking in the evening. Dog biscuits are only good when she’s ‘really’ hungry.

The window of opportunity to introduce a puppy to ‘new things’ is very small … best done before they are thirteen weeks. Truf came to Happs at ten and a half weeks. In that time we fitted in tractors, lawn mowers, blowers, buses, cars, other dogs, thunder and lightening, walking at night, playing around dams, falling in dams … and later walking on paths where there are skate boards and bikes and other ‘scary’ things. Bus loads of visitors are also great sport, although we strongly suggest tucking your scarves into your clothing!

Dash, the cat, has her measure and they seem to now be friends. I can even lie on the couch and stroke them both at once. Dash was really quite upset when Jedda died, so I think in her ‘distant’ way, she loves having Truf around. Dash also features in the ‘Winery Cat Book’ with a most handsome photo.



This morning Dash was siting on the desk next to my husband purring away. She has ‘extra powers’ to know how we are feeling. When Erl ‘fell through the roof’ and was recovering in bed, she sat on his chest, kneading it gently, while she looked into his eyes … for a very long time. She has never done this before or since. I heard only this week on the radio that a ‘cat in a nursing home’ would do that with patients who were very ill or who were dying.

Dash has been known to frighten people with a little nip, so I think it just as well that she spends most of the day in her ‘chosen spot’. She is really very gentle and kind …. just can’t handle being touched in certain ways, so we respect that. She delivered a mouse to Truf the other morning. She normally delivers them to our back door, but this one was delivered to Truf’s bedding area, out the front. Truf is now ceremonially accepted!