Preservative Free wine gives you the grape, transformed by fermentation, in its simplest and most natural manifestation. 

Preservative Free Wines

Preservative Free Red,  Preservative Free White

Sulphur Dioxide is a known allergen. It is ‘sulphite’ that is described as ‘the preservative’ in wine.

Preservative Free wines see no sulphur dioxide at any stage of the wine making process.

All known allergens including fish and milk products are avoided in the production of these wines. If you are concerned about potentially harmful additives in your food then a sulphite free wine will be preferable to any wines produced under ‘Natural’ , ‘Organic’ or ‘Biodynamic’ regimes, all of which allow the use of sulphur dioxide.

The word ‘Preservative’ is somewhat of a misnomer when referring to the activity of sulphite in bottled wine. Sulphite is a very convenient antiseptic when used in the wine making process but other factors (including exposure to oxygen prior to and during bottling, the nature of the package and the type of closure used on the bottle) are more important in determining the life of a wine after bottling. For the story in detail click on ‘Preservative Free’ in the menu above.

There are two groups of producers in the preservative free field of endeavour, the ‘rustic’ and the ‘high tech’. The taste  of the wine tells the story. As with any wine, if it tastes good to you, verily its a good wine. If it tastes great, then its  a great wine.

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