The Indian Ocean 10 kilometres west of the Three Hills Estate



The most recent of concerts to take place at the Happs Wines Esatate was the Australia Day concert, featuring internationally recognised Kelly Newton-Wordsworth and other local artists. The concert included Australiana, folk/pop, singer-songwriter and even local Aboriginal singing. The sweeping lawns and towering trees provided the perfect backdrop to what was a wonderful afternoon of singing, eating and drinking refreshing Happs wines.

From left (back): Marine Fullerton and kids, Kelly Newton-Wordsworth, Vincent with children Vincent, (front) Grace and Tara

From left (back): Marnie Fullerton and kids, Kelly Newton-Wordsworth with children Vincent, (front) Grace and Tara


Happs Wines has now hosted two of the four ‘Cinema Under the Stars’ movie nights, including ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘The Hunger Games – Mockingjay’. Both nights were a complete success, with the outdoor amphitheater filled with picnic rugs, beanbags and wood-fired pizzas.


On Thursday the 15th of January Mark Warren, Happs winemaker for 11 vintages, took a guided tour of the vineyard and winery. This fascinating experience not only provided an insight into the everyday life of a winemaker, but also the amount of detail and precision that goes into making top quality wine.

One participant stated “I always knew winemaking was complicated, but I never knew just how in-depth the process was. It’s like an Art!”

The tour was followed by a tasting of a Happs flight of wines; whites then reds. This provided the perfect link between winery to the final product – where participants could understand the tastes they were experiencing. An all-round successful day with many happy socialising participants chatting afterwards.