Anna Price Petyarre of the Utopia community to the east of Alice Springs produced the artwork for the first vintage of our ‘i’ Series.  Artwork changes with the vintage.

i Series Wines

VP Semillon,  Chenin Blanc,  Classic White,  Pinot Noir,  Merlot

In the world of ‘fine wine’, place is the origin of character and flavour.

Indigenous art invokes a sense of place and expresses an Australian identity. We think that overseas, the high ground should be occupied by wines that are unashamedly Australian. It’s about being true to ourselves.

This wine series is for export, for restaurants and all our ‘mates’ who come to cellar door. We appreciate their need for an inexpensive everyday drink.

We are encouraged in that the ‘i’ Series is being well received in ‘The Big Apple’, New York, where ‘Little Peacock’ takes us to market.

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