Between June and September every vine is pruned to four eight bud canes that are wrapped on two ‘fruiting wires’ where the spring growth begins anew. After leaf drop in June you can see the structure of the plant. The more independent room that each shoot and leaf has to itself, the better in terms of colour and flavour.

Domestic Freight

Due to a analysis on shipping costs we have recently updated our delivery charges. 

The minimum online order quantity is 6 bottles and multiples thereof.

DELIVERY IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA: flat rate of $10 per carton – six-pack or dozen.
DELIVERY TO ALL OTHER AUSTRALIAN STATES: flat rate of $20 per carton – six-pack or dozen.

You should receive your order within ten working days, sometimes as little as five.

Important: Please provide your telephone number and email address when you order wine in case there are problems with supply, delivery or credit card details.

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